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Premier Logistics & Delivery is a privately owned, premier international freight forwarder, delivery and logistics service provider.

Premier Logistics & Delivery is an organization of over 250 people that are proud of what we do and how we do it. We promptly and professionally get things from one place to another, Store and save things according to our client’s needs.
Which includes delivery and Storing of raw materials, manufactured products, palletized freight, equipment parts, medical pharmaceuticals, hospital and laboratory supplies, medical blood products, printed material, auto parts, office supplies, oil field and refinery plant supplies, computer parts, home health products, audio/video equipment, gifts, lab specimen and results, legal, accounting, architectural documents, retail final mile, Funds (cash in any currency and amount) you name it – we will fit it into your schedule and deliver it to your specifications, as long as all terms and conditions are met with.

Premier Logistics & Delivery carry out full service and operations in every part of the world as our clients requires, including warehousing & distribution. We know how business changes every day, and we know how important it is to keep all our customers happy.

Premier Logistics & Delivery has extensive experience handling and delivery sensitive domestic and industrial products including consumer technology products like networking equipment, desktop and mobile computers, servers, cell phones and more.

Premier Logistics & Delivery delivers real-time, actionable information reliably and ensures optimal efficiency and on-time activities by utilizing advanced, custom software systems. Fully EDI capable, Premier Logistics & Delivery' systems interface with your trading partners to provide unprecedented product visibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Our Global Mission

We are committed to relentlessly exceed customers’ expectation through innovative delivery solutions..

We Are Growing Faster

We believe that to offer a truly customer focused operation requires total employee engagement. We operate an open door policy to encourage staff members to bring new ideas to the directors and management team to share. At Premier Logistics & Delivery we pride ourselves on our ability to provide support and guidance to our workforce and operate at a whole team


We continually leverage existing efficient relationships vis-a-vis user-centric technology.

Our global regional hubs offer a wide range of mission-critical technology, logistic, IT and security services to clients and its partners overseas. Through our overseas secure services to more than 250 diplomatic offices, across 160 countries, we support around 14,000 staff globally, as well as many more from other government departments co-located at posts under the One HMG ethos. We provide complete confidence that information and goods are where they need to be, when they need to be, uncompromised.

Providing Smart Logistic Solution Across The World